Friday, April 10, 2009

On starting the blog

So, I've just created a blog on a whim. I don' t actually follow any blogs. I spend my spare time reading the New York times (OK, I admit, there are blogs there, and I am particularly intrigued with the mommy blog), my email, or occasionally a novel. Or maybe I am cooking a desert, or even watching the daily show or loading ready run videos. We don't have a TV- I used to feel a bit superior about this- I mean, I have better things to do. But now its all available online, and sometimes we watch things. I don't have a face book account even though my mother just got one. Who has time for that? Who would want to read anything about me anyway? That's why this blog is an experiment. Will anyone read it?

Why did I decide to this? I just spent half an hour composing a letter to my 16 month old toddler recording a snapshot of his life. Its only the second letter I've written to him, but I felt that his status was worth recording- and might actually be interesting. It is to me- in fact its my whole life right now, and much to my surprise, very fulfilling. I thought having a child would be worthwhile but probably difficult and not often pleasant- I thought it would be like my two years in the peace corps or my two years teaching high school science to ninth graders. I was so wrong. I absolutely love raising my child. All the time. Even when he's in a bad mood; even when I didn't get enough sleep for his first 9 months (OK, I'm still slightly sleep deprived). It is so so much better for me than I expected. I am very lucky.

I've put myself in the slow lane- having my first/only child at age 36, happily staying at home while my husband pursues tenure at a small college in the midwest. Someday, I suppose I will want to go back to work- which is another reason for starting the blog. Someday, I suppose, I will want to reconnect with the world wider than this small midwestern village. Why not start now with a blog?