Friday, July 8, 2011

Update:Plusses and Minuses

I do actually have a lot to say.  I just really want to go to bed.
So I'll just list the things:
1.  Good science play space meeting... well good in that we got a lot agreed upon.  We've agreed to do a fantastic amount of work in the next few days before we all go off on little vacations.  I hope it gets done.  We still need more people.  People liked my cooperative model plan.
2. My son not only has decided he's willing to eat rice again- tonight he wanted each bite mixed with chicken.  Of course I did have to FEED it to him.  On the other hand he didn't make a huge mess with it.
3.  Potty training is marginally successful- that is he's about where he was when he was two plus or minus.  He actually will and can stay dry if you MAKE him use the potty.  When he was two I didn't have to convince him to actually use the thing.  Also when he was two he would use his potty outside of the house.  Now he'll only do it at home and won't use other toilets even though he actually fits them now.  On the plus side, he really can hold it a long time and is willing to do that.  He really does stay dry.... at home for a few days... only.  Not at night.  We clearly have a long way to go.
4.  My little star sang with me tonight.  Together, lots of songs.  I was so excited.  Usually he won't join voices.  You can stop and he'll finish the song, but never if you were singing.  Yes, I still have sing together/choir type aspirations for my child.  I'm sure he won't do it in public or anything.  He's not exactly on key or anything, but he does try to match rhythm and note length.  Downside... well, this type of singing certainly doesn't put him to sleep.

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