Monday, May 9, 2011

The busy slow life- updates

Is life so slow I have not time to blog?  Of course not.
So, what's going on?  Well, experiments are not getting written- though I have performed one.   Good thing I didn't agree to write the book!

1.  The lawn is getting mowed.  I go out once or twice a day and use up the electric battery on the mower.  Sometimes my husband does it too.  (Yes our lawn is too big, but at least we get exercise- and we are trying to get rid of the lawn a little at a time)

2. Social life.  We got to a party, and had someone over for brunch.  I also made a cake for my husband's birthday (actually it was banana bread- part cupcakes and part "pie cake" with chocolate cream cheese frosting).

3. Illness- my husband and I both has some weird flue/cold thing. I think my son does too, but symptoms are not obvious.  Unrelated, I also went to the doctor to get a blood test- I recently found out hypothyroidism runs in my family.

4.  We found the awful smell in the house.  You see my wonderful husband actually set two traps for voles (yes, we've moved beyond mice), and put them in a rather non-obvious/dangerous place where we thought the voles were, and where my little star would not discover them by accident.  But I only realized there was ONE trap, and that one was empty.  I searched and searched for this awful smell- I even went into the basement.  Eventually my husband smelled it (he had this stuffed nose), and easily found the other trap. Thank goodness, he took care of it.

5. Gardening.... well, I would like to think so, but I haven't got much done on that front. I did some half hearted weeding of the strawberries, and noticed we have chard and lettuce to eat.

6. Science Play Space.  Yes, that is taking a bit of time- lots of emails to take care of.  We had a disappointing presence at the performing arts event.  What was disappointing was that very very few kids showed up for their (the performing arts people) event.  It was just our kids (2 of them), and about 5 other kids.  Last time there seemed to be about thirty kids.  This lack of participants was blamed on the weather (it was too nice), the farmer's market started (again, weather was too nice), Softball (again weather is good), and the event's theme- which was the "misunderstood wolf".  I was a little worried about what this would be about, but, it actually was a nice story.  The wolf goes out to warn his friends about a storm (hence the pigs houses getting blown apart by the storm), and he plays a prank on his friend little Red (hence dressing up in grandmas clothing- but grandma isn't home and they laugh about it).  Really, it done well.  It was just too nice a day to be inside.

7. Playing outside.  The weather has improved DRAMATICALLY.  Its nice out.  Not too hot.  Not too cold.  Sometimes a bit rainy.  I just want to stay out there with my little star (or without him) and enjoy it.  Soon, I know, I will find it too hot and too buggy.

8. Exercise.  I'm still lifting weights twice a week.  I finally seem to be getting stronger- just in time for the gym to close for a week after graduation next week. Due to the great weather have I been walking with a friend sometimes.  This exercise is apart from Mowing- the one exercise that makes me sweat.

Other news... My little star not only ate a tortilla last night (though he did take the filling out), but he put in some cooked greens, folded it and ate it.  He also decided he would eat "school food" rather than my continuing to pack him a sandwich.  This change is good mostly, but it means we've kind of given up trying to have him eat kosher style in school.  They do serve pork, and they certainly mix milk (cheese) and meat products.  I'm figuring we can do kosher at home, and feel glad that he's trying new foods.   Also, it will save me packing food for him.  Really, if we were serious about Jewish tradition, we would not be living here where there is no synagogue and he would be going to a Jewish preschool.

Back to work :)

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