Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rainy day

We are home today.  They sent my little star home from playcare yesterday because he has this rash.  It's actually left over from last week when he came home with sunscreen and sand all over him.  It was red, and of course he scratched and its all irritated.  Well now he's got raised bumps that itch and its spreading.   We got a doctor appointment at  2pm... just perfect for nap time.  I figure if we don't do anything active this morning he won't take the nap anyway.  Since its cold and rainy out all week, I'm not really tempted to go outside and do some physical activity.

Remember how I said it was HOT?  Well, that's over with.  I had to plug little star's space heater back in  last night.  I turned our heat back on as well.  I'm a real wimp about cold-it was 66 F inside and falling yesterday. (We keep it at 68 in the day, but sometimes I turn it up to 69) Now I'm really worried about the grass police.  Its supposed to rain all week, and the grass is Happy, but the lawn mower is out of commission until it dries off.  I did hack up some weeds in the garden yesterday, so the garden doesn't look quite as bad.

I was hoping to take my little star to The Works, but I think people will think he's contagious with his rash, so that's not really a good option.  Maybe its not just an allergic reaction, and its all a coincidence with the sun screen/sand issue.  He's pretty dramatic today- everything is a tragedy worthy of meltdown, but I don't think he's sick... just itchy.  We put aloe vera on his itches, and that seems to make him feel better.  Hope he's not allergic to that.

I always see cool ideas for what to do with your toddler, but when it comes down to it I can never remember them when we actually have time.  Usually I just want to take him outside.   I found my stamps from when I used to teach yesterday- I have five of them. That kept him happy for a little while... until I realized he was putting his fingers in the ink and we had to wash his hands.  I supposed it would have been a good opportunity for fingerprints, but I just wasn't in the right mindset for that type of creativity.

I also found my marbles yesterday.  Today seemed to be a good day to give them to him.  I set up a fat notebook for him to roll them down and some other things- he of course liked sorting the marbles.  It kept him occupied for a while but not quite as long as I expected.  We then built marble ramps/mazes with his Magnatiles. (well I did-he kind of watched and participated a little)  It was pretty fun, and I thought, pretty creative.

What next? Apparently cassette tapes and cases are more exciting.

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