Sunday, June 19, 2011

Helping out

My little star was a good helper today.

He kept saying he wanted me to vacuum, and the house needed it so I got out our carpet sweeper. We use a carpet sweeper rather than a loud vacuum cleaner because... I like it better- its quiet and doesn't use electricity.  However, I do use a small, and rather loud, dust buster thing to get in the corners. My little star gets all excited  in a happy way and runs away when I use it.

After cleaning up in one room and vacuuming, I told him I really couldn't vacuum the living room unless he moved his toys.  So he grudgingly moved them about a foot.  I explained to him that they had to move off the floor.  He moved them another foot.  I vacuumed the clear area, and by then he wanted to help so I gave him the sweeper.  The cool thing about the device is that the handle is made of four poles.  I took off the middle two poles and put back on the top handle, thus the sweeper was now toddler size.

I began doing cooking and let my little star occupy himself.  Later I noticed all the toys... and everything else were in fact off the floor and he was actually sweeping it somewhat effectively. In the past he's not been strong enough to do it effectively.  Then he took the sweeper upstairs to his room and cleaned off an area in there too... not too effectively, but its the effort that counts.

I also tried to keep him dry today.  This involved making him go to the potty at the right time. He protested more and more as the day went on- but except in one case that I didn't make him go, he did stay dry.  In the case that I didn't make him go, I had decided to mow the lawn and thus was not supervising him very carefully.

As I was mowing I noticed at one point that he had "disappeared" and I fervently hoped he had gone inside.  He had.  When I got in he had put all the things that go in with his diapers (clothes we wash him with, cloth diapers, and wet underwear) in the washing machine.  He had put his wet underwear in too of course.

Earlier in the day he had put all the dirty clothes in the washer, but I hadn't run because it wasn't full.  I had explained to him that we didn't mixe the dirty diapers and things with the clothing.    He'd actually paid attention-  he had taken all the clothing out of the washer and put in a basket before putting the diapers and wet underwear in.  I wasn't too pleased about the wet underwear (though I wasn't surprised), but I was pleased about him helping with the laundry. I also told him to wash his hands with soap immediately.

I was telling my dad about how my little star had helped doing these things today and he said he hoped it wasn't just a phase.  Well, it probably is, but I'm going to enjoy it.  

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