Wednesday, June 8, 2011

slow life gardening and 3.5 years old.

Yes, more slow living.  I dug up the last bit of my garden.. well the last bit I plan to completely dig up.  I amended it generously with lime and compost (yes, this is newsworthy as I often don't have one or the other of these).  It was really hot and late so I didn't actually transplant the seedlings into it.  I'd have to water first, and then I'd probably decide I had to water the whole garden- which would take a long time.  It did rain yesterday, but not very much.  Noon on a hot day is just not the best time to water a garden.  Also I had free lunch with my husband's science buddies if I just showed up.

I did manage to put in some potatoes. This morning I noticed these little shoots poking out of the box.  I thought I had already planted my sprouted potatoes- those were in a shopping bag I completely forgot to eat.  The ones I found today were in the box, and I had decided a while back that they were too sprouted to eat, but of course I forgot about them.

Anyway, to get my lunch, I put off harvesting snow peas and strawberries.  I'll probably have to fight with the mosquitoes for them later.  I thought I knew when to harvest snow peas, but last year we bought some that I thought were CLEARLY over ripe... except they were the sweetest ones I've ever eaten.  So, to my horror I thought, maybe I've been harvesting them too early all these years.  Despite that insight I harvested snow peas last week knowing they were probably not as ripe as they could be.  They were OK, and I was glad to have them, but I've been letting the rest of them age a bit.  After all, we have plenty of lettuce to eat still.

I was thinking that maybe I'd skip free lunch, and get my stuff done, but usually when I finally go I enjoy talking to people.  I wasn't in the mood, but I figured I would be once I got there.  Turns out... well, I wasn't really in the mood, and didn't have any great conversations.  Still the food was nice, so I can't complain.

I did just have an excellent conversation with a college student who might be instrumental in getting college support/partnership/involvement for my science play space project.  I see possibilities opening up.  These are possibilities I think we all envision, but a way to make them happen is what is opening up.  So I am excited about this.

About my little star... well, he's been in a kind of crappy mood lately- everything is a drama, and I think maybe he's coming down with something... or growing or ... well, I'm really hoping on a potty training developing moment.  Despite crappiest mood ever, he managed to keep his underwear dry all afternoon- an afternoon that included a trip to the bank, the supermarket, and a long nap in the car seat.  Admittedly I had to convince him to use the potty, but he did DO it.  I'm sure hoping this isn't an aberration.

On the other hand, he woke up at 4:45 this morning, and I had to convince him to go back to sleep.  Then he got up at 5:30 am!  He's slept at least until 6 for the past six months or so.  Well, maybe it won't be so shocking if he does that on our trip next month.   Oh... and he had a messy diaper.  Perhaps that is because I SURE was NOT getting up with him before 6 am when I had finally just gotten almost asleep again.   And yes, he's a in a great mood today. (How can you write in a sarcastic tone?)  I hope he makes it to nap time in play care.

I hope 3.5 years hasn't somehow transitioned into something like being 2.5 years.  2.5 years was pretty awful, but got better close to three years.  We've got to have a better trip to Ithaca than we had last year!

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