Friday, June 17, 2011

Permissions and snakes and poison ivy

So after I changed the blog- that is I took down previous posts, I never got any more readers.  Now, usually I get some random hits.  I mean, maybe they don't really want to read my blog, but usually somebody hits it by mistake.  Well, really, nobody was hitting it.  I checked my settings.  No, it really is open to anybody.

I wrote some more posts.  No hits.

I checked the settings again.  It seems open.  I checked all the menus and finally found that I had somehow forgotten to give anybody permission to read the thing!  Whoops.

One of the settings was for posting from your phone.  I'm not doing that, but I did take an interesting picture on my phone this week.  Up until now I only had one picture on my phone.  Its a cute, slightly outdated picture of my little star.  I don't really know how to use the phone that well or what do do with any pictures I might take.

I was out walking with my little star- luckily he was in the stroller- when we saw this enormous snake in the road.  It was bigger than a garter snake, and it lay there still with its head raised.  It was black, long, but not thick.  We watched it from a distance for quite a while.  I know most snakes are harmless and most that I see are garter snakes- in fact I kind of assume that any snake I see is a garter snake.  This one was clearly not a garter snake, and there are poisonous snakes in Ohio.  I don't know a thing about identifying snakes- we rarely see them.  So I took a picture on my phone.  We watched the snake for a long time before it lazily crossed the road and headed off into the woods.  The way it moved was really quite interesting to watch.

I looked on the internet and I'm pretty sure we saw a harmless black rat snake.

I'm also trying to teach my little star to identify poison ivy.  We spent a while with "is this poison ivy?  Let's count the leaves- one two three."  If I can teach him to avoid three leaved plants that will be fine.  He's quite good at counting to three now.  I've also instituted the "if it's not mowed grass, there is probably poison ivy there."  So far this statement has been true.

Oh yes, the beauty of rural ohio. 

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