Saturday, June 25, 2011

Slow life day and potty training success???

I called it a slow life day because we didn't do much today.  My little star even slept about ten minutes longer than I this morning.  He slept until 7:35 am!!  That might be because it was close to 10 pm before he went to sleep last night.  He just didn't really seem tired and he was... sitting on the potty and letting me get work done.  And he had taken a nap at playcare.

In the morning I took him to the farmers market and let my husband sleep.  I took him in underwear and didn't bring the potty because I don't know anywhere with a bathroom very close by that I could take him.  Why underwear?  Because I've decide he has no choice anymore.  He WILL learn this potty thing.  Also, although he's been somewhat refusing to go, I have lately been able to convince him to go.  And he's been staying dry for long periods of time.  At playcare on Friday his teacher said he stayed dry from 9 am until sometime past  3 pm.   I didn't even know this was possible for him. In the past three hours was the maximum.  Anyway, today he seemed to be able to stay dry, including while he was eating, and he used the potty with a little convincing.  So I was encouraged today.

After the farmers market we came home and my husband made us waffles for lunch.  Then I thought I'd never get my little star to nap so I took him on a stroller ride.  He did not fall asleep.  Maybe he didn't need one?   Afterwards "we" played upstairs for a while, me dozing on some pillows.

And then he had a melt down.  We have this kneeling chair that can spin, and for the first time he got it into a place where it could spin and got on top of it.  Only it wouldn't spin because of course you have to push off something to make it spin.  Newton's law of action and reaction.  This law of physics provoked ongoing whining complaining frustrated shouting and crying.  Oh, well, I figured so learning is frustrating, so I let him whine about it, until my husband came upstairs and complained about the noise (Our house is that small). Yes, I did explain how he needed to push on something.  Even when he learned to do it, that somehow did not solve the problem for him.

From then on it was meltdown and hysteria all evening.  I thought, maybe he just needs to use the potty, so after dinner I convinced him to go... and he peed just like that.  No sitting and playing to relax enough.

This peeing right away was good, but he was still hysterical, wild happy or wild upset.  My husband finally took him outside, where he did well enough.  When we came in he wanted to finish eating something I'd given him from the garden  before using the potty. Eating it in the garden is the only way he actually eats greens most of the time.  So he finished, and I said it was potty time.  He just went right there- I didn't have to convince him.  He sat down on the potty and peed just like that, and then he was done.    

So I'm hoping he's learned to hold it more and pee on demand?  If so, he still has to learn other toilets, telling me when to go or at least not fussing.... well, we have a long way to go.  I'm hoping he shows this progress tomorrow.

He was asleep before I even finished singing to him.  I like it when he gets to bed early when he doesn't take a nap, but I really don't like the meltdown all evening when he doesn't take a nap.

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