Thursday, October 13, 2011

Meltdowns, school board candidates, and good news

1. My little star melts down most of the day.  Perhaps he is feeling an illness coming on- like I am.  He started at 6:20 this morning- tried and did not succeed in going back to sleep.

2. Quiet morning transferring music from a CD from old computer with CD player to my computer.  It was only one CD but it must have taken about half an hour to figure out how to do it.  Little star explores kid medical kit I got from rummage sale last month for science play space... or for him.  I hadn't really decided, and in either case, he gets to play with it- but today was the first day he was actually interested.  He loves stethoscope (too bad its a toy that doesn't do the actual thing), and blood pressure thingy. The hammer you use to get a reflex reaction is plastic and I was unable to get any reflex to show.  I kind of thought it would, but perhaps you have to know exactly where to hit. No melt downs for a while.
I began making little star a picture calendar, but it proved more difficult than I had thought... or more complicated.    I didn't finish- I couldn't decide if it was better to give a daily or weekly calendar, settled on weekly, but then put in stuff for each time of day, then got half way through and thought it was probably too much info for him, and then it was kind of late.  I suggested we could go look at progress on the house building, but little star would have to use the potty first.  Nope.  potty refusal.  I'd already had enough melt downs earlier, so we stayed in, and put off the potty issue until lunch.  More meltdowns around lunch.

3. Nap.  Little star actually went to sleep at a reasonable time despite no physical activity all morning.  I thought I would just go do that too because I'm not feeling well.  I was just drifting off when big huge mower pulls in next door and mows, and mowes, and mowes for the next half an hour or so.  Little star miraculously sleeps through it.  I don't of course. I am just beginning to maybe drift off again, and little star wakes up.  I drag him down to the potty (no melt down), but he's already wet.

4. Melt downs.  I mistakenly decided it was time to go outside and rake some leaves.  I get little star out without his shoes figuring he can put them on himself, since I know he can.  I rake, he hangs out on the porch and doesn't put them on.  I offer him a leaf ride in the garden cart, but he has to put his shoes on.  Utter melt down.  I come back from transporting the leaves.  Still melting down.  Eventually he gets his shoes on.  I give him a ride.  He wants a towel for his runny nose.  I tell him he can go get one- nicely.  Utter melt down, refuses to get it.  Eventually calms down, but still wines and wants towel but won't go get it, and I wonder who is going to call child services on us.   Another happy leaf ride.  Looks like he needs to use the potty.  Utter melt down, and I drag him inside, so the neighbors won't have to suffer anymore.  Eventually he uses the potty and I was glad I'd made him go.  He didn't want to come back outside with me, and it looked like it might rain soon.  He seemed happier, and played inside a bit while I mowed a little.  The batteries on our electric mower give us about five to ten minutes right now, and it began to rain anyway.

My son spent more calm time with the medical kit.  I sat with him.  I was feeling bad for letting him have such a long melt down while I got a few leaves raked.  There was another melt down about using the potty before dinner.  Things improved with dinner.  This was an early dinner- he was not starving.  I waited for my husband to get home so I could go to a meet the candidates for school board.  I guess he had some trouble getting done, so I got there very late.

5.  There were six school board candidates.  I heard from two and half of them.  They were asked about Ohio Issue 2- that's where Ohio's trying to take away union collective bargaining rights.  One candidate had to think pretty hard about what this was about, and then surprisingly said she and her husband were both union members- but didn't answer how it might affect the schools.  What really got me was the other question. It asked about Race to the Top.  Now, I don't expect foreigners to know about this, but I DO expect anybody interested in education, and especially people running for school board offices.  Race to the Top is a Federal program/contest to get school districts/states to do certain things to improve schools.  Ohio, was competing and I think won some funding to take part.  The reforms are controversial- rightly so- there are good and bad things about it, as I see it.  But not to know what it is???  Two of the candidates said they were not familiar with it!!    The last candidate sounded useful and knowledgable, but you have to be suspicious when he goes on about managing the biggest charity, but never mentions what it is.  My friend told me the charity was the salvation army.  Now in this district, the district of the Freshwater case... lets just say separation of church and state is kind of a big issue here.  Two issues that were not asked that we would have like to have known were their stance on that and about bullying, which apparently is a problem here.  Luckily my friend could tell me about all the candidates.  I probably should have just asked her rather than going anyway, or certainly better than going late.

6.  The head of the grant agency I applied to for the science playspace said our grant had been approved!  I'm like great!... now I guess I have to take it really seriously- I wonder when we (I) actually get the money.  I wonder if people will see that and get helpful again.  In any case it looks good!

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