Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Slow day; frustrations of potty training

Its a slow enough day that my little star is napping.  We got him to bed a bit late last night... and that's all related to potty training.  In fact I really feel like my life with him is very constrained by his not being potty trained yet, and its a bit frustrating.  I can't take him anywhere very long because he won't use another toilet, and probably won't even use his potty if I deign to bring it.  And, even if he does actually do it, it stressed me out because I don't know if he'll do it.  Last night, and this has been happening a bit lately, we get him upstairs to get ready for bed, start (or finish) reading stories, and then he has to use the potty again.  Its not like I can say no.  I have started to not get his sleeper on.  And then how can you tell him to get off the potty when he says he's not done?  How am I supposed to know if he's done?  By the way, most of the accidents are now occurring at school.. cause I'm so good at taking him (and cajoling and making him sit) to the potty and not taking him anywhere interesting? Is that progress?  He still resists going, and he still don't take initiative to tell me when to go... but he's getting very transparent about needing to go.

Anyway, this morning we went to the Moms2moms meeting to discuss healthy eating... and just chat.  The kids hung out in the church nursery.  Yoni does well there for an hour and half, and then I rush him home to use the potty- he clearly has to go.  If he were potty trained I would probably take him for a walk around town, or maybe to a playground and have a picnic lunch.  But he's not. Instead we go home. We then check out the new house that is being built just behind the house next to ours.  We get the lovely sight of the portapotty outside our kitchen window.    Then again, building a house holds endless entertainment for a small child.  So far its not been too noisy at the wrong time of day... now that our windows are mostly closed.

My little star lost his shoe last night, luckily not in the leaves.  I would be so upset if he lost another shoe like that.  I do believe his new shoes fit better, and was really surprised to see it off his foot briefly.  He is loving playing in the leaves now that the weather has warmed up again and we actually have a bunch this year.  Not enough to, say, cover the garden, but enough for some fun for a three year old.

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