Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Showing empathy? and the olden days

Exciting thing (for me anyway) this morning.  My little star made a little house with pillows (kind of new thing for him), and asked me to sit in it, so I did, and then I said I needed to go get my socks if he wasn't ready to get changed.  So he said he would get my socks for me- and he did!  I don't think he's ever volunteered to do something for me that I didn't even ask him to do- I don't mean like empty the dishwasher or do laundry- tasks he enjoys and doesn't always have to do- this was a very personal thing that he's never done before.  It was helpful.  It was empathetic.  It might have had an ulterior motive of keeping me there, but he had to leave to do it- and he had to think about what I said I needed to do.  Anyway I was excited to see this behavior since I think its been lacking.

My little star is also into discussing the "olden days" when there was no electricity, or gas, or plastic.  We have a lot of interesting discussions.  Funny thing is, although we have a book about the "olden days", the conversation really got going when I was discussing pop-up toasters, and I think I used the term olden days.  Then of course I had to backtrack on that since plenty of people, including my sister, use pop-up toasters.  We had a whole discussion of what the olden days really were, but sometimes we find ourselves using the term for things of the past... but things that wouldn't really qualify.

He keeps making things with "fire" (pretend) and seems to keep trying to contain it with a blanket, though I'm not sure that its a fire blanket intended to make it stop burning. I think the blanket is more like a container.  Not sure where he came up with this idea.  I think the whole fire thing is related to the olden days conversation.

He's also taken to enjoying my tailors measuring tape.  He wants to "measure"everything and see the numbers.... but now it seems have been turned into some sort of fire device.

Did I mention I had a great day with little star yesterday.  No melt down, pretty good cooperation, an actual nap at a reasonable time in the afternoon...
Of course today.... well at least he's at playcare today.

And now I get to do some cooking.

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