Sunday, August 14, 2011

back home: suburban village life

We had a charmed trip home from CA.  Our flights were not turbulent.  They were on time.  Actually our longest flight got in early. My little star did well, and he even took a nap.  We actually had to WAKE him up to put his seatbelt on for landing.  He even stayed dry in his diaper.

I began reading The Seventh Tower, which I think is meant for kids, but I quite enjoyed it.  Yes, my little star was so well occupied I got to read.  He spent a while just singing to himself.   Anyway, it was one of the those books that was hard to put down, and I am now trying to figure out how to get the last three volumes.  Our library appears to have only the next two of them.   I broke my rule of starting a series before having all the volumes, but that was because the first three were just there begging me to start.

We drove home without any rain.  (In the past it always get rained (or snowed)  on us when we park in never never land at the airport).  My little star began singing to himself on the journey home in the car and it was quite enjoyable because he has a very cute voice right now, and he was totally mixing all the songs he knew together.  We got home early enough that we went out for dinner close to home.

Our house survived and looked even a little bit clean inside.  We were pleased to find our new neighbors checking out their house.  They are not really new neighbors- they just lived on the other side of the block.  That is, between their old house and their new house almost across the street from ours is some woods, probably filled with poison ivy.  In any case, although they lived nearby, we rarely saw them because it still was too far away.  I am very pleased they are moving in as they have a daughter a year or two older than my little star and an older son.  We also found out that another house up the street will have a two year old next year.

So I have my hopes up for finally having a "neighborhood".  What I mean by that is some idealized version where when we go out to play we see other kids and families.  Maybe our kids will even play with each other without a "play date".  Maybe we can have some neighborliness that happens more than a few times a year. Like last night: we noticed the lights were on in the house and stopped by... and so did some other neighbors who had friends over- it was like a big impromptu party in the empty house.

Well, you never know.  Its good to have a vision to work towards.

Today, we seem to be on CA time- that is we got up really late and didn't seem to get much done all day.  I was going to mow the lawn (OK just part of it)- which is high, but not yet ridiculous, but it was rainy.  So I checked out the gardening. My gourds look GREAT.  There are some really pretty green-yellow ones right in the front on the trellis they are sharing with the anemic "hardy" kiwi plants.

The happy gourds are a good thing because my garden looks terrible.  I did manage to harvest a few cherry tomatoes, a tiny bit of green onions, a little basil, a few poles beans, and an enormous cucumber (one of many).  Its mostly weeds beyond that except for two blooming sunflowers.  Oh, I also took an orange pumpkin with squash beetles on it.  It looks kind of damaged by the beetles, so I just left it out to look pretty in its round orange color.

I noticed some enormous vehicle damaged our front yard by the road in front of the gourds.  The truck seems to have tried to turn and gone way off the road, sinking deep ruts into our lawn that slopes down from the lawn. The rut had a puddle that did not disappear.  Perfect for mosquito breeding.  Impossible to mow.  And its not the first time. Big trucks really should not be on our narrow street at all.  Funny thing is, the street really isn't that narrow.  Two cars can pass with no trouble.  I think the problem is that it has NO shoulder and its raised.  When the trucks try to turn they, of course try to avoid the culverts on the other side of the street... and end up on our lawn.

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