Friday, August 12, 2011

End of Vacation

We finally celebrating my birthday with this enormous "american" chocolate cake.  It was about five layers, and the smallest slice was almost too much for one person to finish.  It was quite enjoyable.

My husband made his very wonderful yeast based waffles and impressed the whole family.  They were very good (as usual).

Its the last day of vacation, and my little star is finally comfortable enough with the grand parents that not only did he spend a lot of this morning with them, but grandma got him to take a nap in about ten minutes.  I am VERY impressed.  He didn't even have any physical exercise this morning.  However, he did get to feed the chicken, weed the garden, look through grandpa's drawers in his office, and type his own name on the key board.  He also did not protest when I took him to the potty this morning, and later he let grandma take him there and produced.

I got to read the NYT and our local paper (on line), and am now beginning to read Anathem, highly recommended.  The premise is quite interesting, but so far I'm finding it hard to get into because the author chose to use a lot of unfamiliar terminology made up for his world.  I know that's part of establishing the fantasy world, but for me its rather distracting, and seems to take a way from imagining the setting and what is going on.  I find myself skipping or at least skimming long descriptions because its too hard to figure out what he's describing when I don't easily know what all the words mean.  I just want to get to the "action". (By action, I don't necessarily mean movement, it might just be thoughts or conversation).  I'm assuming it will get better with less of this, or all this weird terminology will start making sense.  Usually it doesn't take more than 50 pages for me to get into things, but I hope it will happen soon.  I've been kind of in a rut reading the same authors for a number of years, so I was hoping to break out of that with this book.

That's all for now.

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