Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A slow day on CA time in OH

We are still on CA time... I think.  I finally got myself to bed last night slightly before midnight, only to discover my little star's light was ON.  He was sitting there playing, and of course immediately burst into tears when he saw me.  At least he knew he'd done something wrong.

I should have been suspicious because he had said that it was time for me to leave after I'd sung a few songs.  Usually he does not ask me to leave.  I should have checked to make sure he was lying down, but he'd seemed pretty sleepy.  We had heard him kicking too, but assumed he was still in bed.  Not.

He seemed in a good mood despite all this, and I think he woke at about 8:30 this morning, which is closer to OH time.  We finally got out of the house at.. well, some time before eleven this morning.  I decided we would BIKE into the city to attend a moms2moms gathering... if it existed.  I wasn't sure if I had the right week, or how late they would be there.  But the weather was nice for a bike ride, and I feel this need to be healthier/stronger.  Somehow I thought I could handle going  up the hill to get home at the end.  I've done it a few times, but only once after a long bike ride carrying my little star.

So we biked into town.  I was a bit worried about this since I've never biked with my little star in traffic.  However, by using side streets I mostly managed to avoid traffic. We finally reached the place at noon.  Nobody was there, so we headed back, checking out a playground on the way.  Little star refused to use bathroom facilities three times on the way back, so he really was testy... and so was I.  The bike seat makes the bike very tippy, and its very hard to get him in and out, so I insist on  doing it exactly right.   Anyway, we did finally make it back home.  At least all the bathroom stops gave me some rest.  It was about four miles on the bike trail plus a few miles at either end, so probably 10-12 miles round trip.  I got my exercise.  I still haven't mowed the lawn.

By the time we got home, and I gave him lunch, he used the potty, etc, I finally got him to take a nap... at 4 pm.  I suppose that's about right for CA time.  Hey, at least I GOT HIM TO TAKE A NAP.  Me.  At home. In his bed.  And he didn't even have much exercise this morning since he mostly sat in the bike seat.  So I hope the nap (as late as it is) sets a precedent for nap taking at home.

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