Monday, August 8, 2011


So I've been (and still am) on "vacation".  Yesterday I actually got to read a book.  It was my first experience with an e-book for fun.  I got it out of my library and read it on my computer.  I think an actual book still has advantages.

If I'd had an actual book, I would have been able to read it on the airplane.  I had downloaded some books, but Adobe had not authorized them yet, so I was unable to get them authorized on the airplane, and thus had no book there.

If I'd had an actual book I could read it any time on the airplane, not just when we were above some altitude.

If I had an actual book, I could read it anywhere in the house- like the bathroom when my son takes forever on the potty.  I could also just leave it lying around on the table, on the couch, or outside, where- as I don't feel to comfortable doing that with the computer.

On the plus side for the computer- I was able to retrieve two books that were on hold when we were very far from our local library.

So vacation: my mother in law took me shopping for shoes for the wedding we were going to attend.  I realized I had nothing appropriate the day we left- whoops. I think she and my sister in law were more into the "shopping" aspect than I was.  I found some shoes pretty quickly, but they wanted to keep looking more.  That's how I ended up with two pairs to choose from for the wedding.

I also wanted some everyday shoes- slip on hiking boots (yes, I know that doesn't exist, but I think that's what I want so I was looking for anything related... or maybe just like hiking boots).  Sketchers unfortunately are not sized in anyway to work with my orthotics.  The light hiking boots didn't seem to work perfectly either.  If dress shoes are not perfect I don't really care since I hardly ever wear them, but my every day shoes need to be a good fit.  So I gave up on that shopping- by now I figured my companions were tired of me trying on shoes and saying, it's really not right.

So as for vacation... for the first time we were able to put my little star in his own room- as the space was available and he's old enough... sort of.  The space is downstairs kind of far from things, so my husband has been sleeping with him.  I do miss my husband, but what this means is that my husband gets up with him and I sleep as late as I want to!!  You know, like 7 am CA time.  My son has actually been sleeping until close to 6 am, which, for CA I consider to be rather reasonable.

My husband has also (after the first day) managed to get my son to NAP in his bed!!  The process is helped by my son's utter exhaustion from the jet lag, lack of naps previously, etc.

Saturday night we went to a lovely wedding that ended around midnight.  My little star impressed people by being so overwhelmed and tired that he would first- sit calmly and watch the live music (quartet) intensely for about an hour before dinner.  He does like live music.  Then after dinner, he sat and watched the dancing (after we gave him earplugs- it was very loud).  I took him on a little walk, but then we came back and he watched for as long as he possibly could before falling asleep on our laps.  Everyone thought he was so well behaved.  Really, he was completely overwhelmed and tired.  Though I think he really did enjoy this new experience. It was kind of nice to have him sleeping, his head in my lap.  I missed doing that a lot with him when he was little, because I was so tired, that when he finally slept I had to it away from him.  I seemed to be unable to sleep with him.  In this case I didn't need to sleep.

  My husband's cousin was a beautiful bride and a terrific dancer.  She met her husband at dancing classes so there were all these amazing dancers to watch whenever latino music came on.  It was a lovely wedding.  Although my son slept during the dancing, he managed to stay awake for the whole hour ride home... and get up at 6 am as usual.  I didn't have to get up until later.  And then I gave him breakfast sending my husband back for more sleep.  Then I took him to the play ground.  We've been taking him every morning before it gets hot out.  When I got back I was so tired I took a very long nap, and my husband took over the childcare.  It was lovely.

So there have been more vacation elements than I expected.  The food has been great (and just appears usually), and I don't have to get up at 5 am.  The airplane trip was not the greatest- the turbulence made me feel awful, but at least the second flight was much better.  Usually, for unknown reasons, my son has a charmed day every time we take the airplane.  Well, this time he did not, but as he is older, we survived without a meltdown anyway.  So, all in all it was OK.  My husband's new ipad, was helpful, but not the addictive draw we thought it would be for him.  The episode of Sesame St I downloaded for him, only held his attention for a bit more than five minutes.  This was probably because the sound quality on earphones on a loud airplane was frankly, terrible.  And he was in one  of those moods.

The only good travel toy I got (apparently) was some bristle blocks.  Even that didn't work until the end of the flight.

Well, I hope we can get to the beach today.  Except for the wedding we've just been hanging out here. That is OK so far since we can walk to the playground, and my little star's been quite enjoying the kiddie pool.  But its starting to get old. Its been a little harder here to get out of the house because we don't have a car of our own, and we don't know our way around here.  The car seat is in one of the cars, but the car is now always here.

I turned 40 the day of the wedding.  I imagine we will celebrate the birthday some time soon.  It was nice of my facebook friends to wish me happy birthday.  Anyway, the day before my birthday I came down with this pain in my  hand that I am pretty sure must be arthritus.  What is that!?  I could barely hold my son's little hand.  I took some ibuprofen, and after about a day and a half it disappeared.  I'm quite worried about this.  The condition does run in my family.  Am I destined to deal with this the rest of my life?  What set if off? Hormones?  The weather? Thank goodness it went away for now... and it seems to be mostly in my left rather than my right hand.  Forty  must be too old.  One of my friends said she was just going to stay 39 and have yearly anniversaries of turning 39.  I don't think that will fool my body.

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