Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Real Vacation things

No interesting thoughts today.  I'm just writing about vacation because what we did yesterday was what people do on vacations.

We went to the BEACH yesterday.  We don't get to do this very often, so its a big treat.  My son loves the water and the waves.  We don't swim yet, but we sure do wading, and he gets wet.  I love to watch him in the water with his dad.  My husband swings him up over the waves and they both look so happy.

I take my little star into the waves and we run back, or I pull him up, but I try to avoid picking him up much because its hard on my arms.  So I walk along the beach, and watch them, or hold his hand.  His grandpa and aunt were there too taking him into the waves.  We stayed for a few hours.  It was slightly overcast, so the weather was wonderful- not too hot or cold.  There were no shells at the beach, but that was alright.

We stopped at In and Out burgers(?) for lunch.  The californians were proud of this, but I'm not exactly sure why they thought the concept of  a limited menu takeout fast food was so interesting.  I think they were proud that it started in CA.    They were also proud that they knew about the "secret" menu- you can ask for things that are not on the menu if you know about them.  Like Veggie burgers.  So, yay, you can get a veggie burger, I thought.  This is good because my husband, and generally myself don't get fast food beef burgers.  I knew my son wouldn't eat any kind of burger.  We got him french fries and I had a banana for him.  I didn't feel so great about this because that's NO protein for him.  I figured we could offer him part of the veggie burger.

But then it turns out the veggie burger doesn't have a patty in it.  Its just lettuce and tomato.    Nobody else seemed disappointed.  I guess they already knew?  Perhaps that's why they don't advertise them on a menu. We had got a milkshakes too.  Now, I haven't had a milkshake since I was a kid- once.  I didn't like it that time, and haven't bothered with one since- I mean its not like they are particularly good for you, and I'd rather have a real dessert.  Well, this one tasted mostly like chocolate ice cream so it was pretty good.  Too bad my son wouldn't try it.  No protein for him.  He didn't seem upset, and made it through the rest of the afternoon- probably because it was too much fun- we figured if he didn't fall asleep on the way there (as he did to the In and Out), that he'd fall asleep on the way home later and get his nap in.

In the afternoon we visited Balboa Island and my little star not only got to ride the carousel, but his daddy took him on a small ferris wheel. (I was worried I wouldn't like the ride down- which is too bad- I never had the chance to ride one when I was little (I think), and I think I would have liked it then.  My little star quite enjoyed that.  He also liked the ferry ride over to the island.  I was surprised to realize he'd never been on a boat before.  I have been remiss.

On the way home I thought maybe my pants were irritating my legs.  So I took them off.  Major sunburn.  I forgot to put sunscreen on my legs.  I rarely wear shorts like I did at the beach, so that was asking for trouble.  I haven't had sunburn since... well last time we went to the beach in nice weather almost two years ago.  Perhaps next time I will learn.  Luckily my little star escaped sunburn- he has slightly darker skin, he's been exposed more this summer, and I had put some sunscreen on his face.

Today we relaxed at home, and I actually got some work done while he took a nap.  Yes, my husband magically got him to take a nap again!

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