Sunday, September 11, 2011

Diaries, games, and sports

I just said I had nothing to post.  Well, I just spent a little time putting my most recent blog posts into my new diary writing program.  I like it. Its much better organized than a blog.  I decided to put the blog posts in the program.  I sometimes back up the blog, but realized the back-up is entirely dependent on google's blog software.  Its not like it exports into a text file or something.  I don't like that.  I expect software to change over time, and I don't want to lose access because google decides someday not to support it.  So I figure, but putting posts in my diary (since they are journal entries anyway), I'll have access to them no matter what.  The journal can export to RTF format, so when that software goes away (its free after all), I'll still have the stuff.

I noticed a blog post really is different than a diary post.  I really say different things, and I imagine I think harder about my blog posts.

I realized I had a semi-interesting conversation with my husband today.  I took my son to a party at the neighbors.  The birthday boy was turning six- quite a bit older than my little star, and most of the friends were aged 5-7, so they did games that were advanced for my little star- which is why I stayed at the party with him.

At one point they did this game with water balloons where each child had to carry it with a big spoon (they were small).  My son didn't really get a turn, but I got him a water balloon at the end, and a ladle.  He was quite enjoying himself as the other kids were all popping the balloons.  Then one of the bigger kids came to him and somehow asked for his balloon...or maybe took it- it was the last unpopped balloon that kid had access to.  And then the kid played with it and threw it so it popped.  My son just looked confused and a bit sad, but didn't say anything.  I felt so bad for not intervening, but I wasn't sure if I should have intervened.  I felt sad- my little star was really enjoying that balloon... but he didn't even cry, so maybe I'm just putting my thoughts on him.  I would have been really upset.  Then again, I would never have let the other boy take the balloon in the first place.

So I noticed that a lot of the games involved kids lining up and competing with the kid at the head of the other line. It involved a lot of waiting around for most kids.  I thought this is kind of stupid for a birthday party, but then I thought maybe they are learning an important skill- to watch others be the center of attention, and wait their turn.  The older kids were good at it and enjoyed it.  They were not bored.

I asked my husband what he thought about sports where there is a lot of waiting around like that.  He didn't give me a clear answer, but I think I decided there was some merit to it... but perhaps a sport like Soccer where maybe you don't get the ball, but you are still active could be good.  Sports, I remind myself, are about more than just physical activity- and they do have their merits.

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