Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gravity and first teeth cleaning

Did I mention the gravity incident?  Yesterday, or maybe a few days ago, my little star spilled some water.   I asked what had happened as I hadn't been watching very carefully.  He said "gravity pulled it down".   Well, a very accurate answer.  I really couldn't be upset with that.  I'm glad he's understanding gravity now.

Yay! Dentist appointment is OVER.  Yes, I don't like going to the dentist... like most people.  Sometime a few months ago, I was all set to go to my dentist appointment when my son's school called and said he had a rash that was spreading, and yes I had to pick him up immediately.  I couldn't even send my husband to do it because we only have one car.  I had to cancel my appointment- and I don't think the dentist was too pleased, but they were understanding.

 I'm a big procrastinator (especially about things I really don't want to do anyway), so it took me a while to make a new appointment, and I remembered this time, that I was probably supposed to bring my little star- after all he's almost four, and he came with me last time to "watch".  Last time they had him sit in the chair and counted his teeth.  He did not like it much, and I had my husband to watch him while they did my teeth.

I do recognize that my son is a lot more mature, but I really was not sure how he was going to do both while I had my teeth cleaned, amusing himself, and when he was in the chair himself.  And of course, while I have a great dentist and hygienist, I still don't like it.  He said he wanted to color in a coloring book- something that he barely ever does, and doesn't usually do it for long.  I think perhaps he associates them with this type of appointment though he's been to very few doctor/dentist things.  Anyway, I realized we were running late, and threw in a coloring book and a tiny travel box of crayon's he'd never seen before.  I also put in some books for him to read.  I rushed him out the door, with only slight protest when I said he had to wear pants he didn't want to wear because I didn't have time to find his other ones.  That is, the boy was in a very cooperative mood.

So we got there and got him set up.  He was surprisingly uninterested in the x-rays they took of my teeth, but was luckily cooperative has he had to be out of the room when they did it.  I hadn't warned him of this because I had forgotten they might do it.
By then it was clear that it wasn't coloring he was going to do, it was pulling the paper off the crayons.  I figured this would occupy him for a long time... unless he needed help.

By the time the hygienist was finishing me he was getting mighty frustrated with something, and quite close to melt down.  It turned out that all he was trying to do was close the box... and it wasn't cooperating.

Anyway, then it was his turn.  The hygienist was magical, explaining and showing him everything, and he magically cooperated, had his teeth cleaned and even some tartar scraped off at the end.  The dentist counted his teeth and said his bite looked good and he had no cavities.  Maybe he has my husband's teeth.  I sure hope so!

They blew up a glove for him and made it look like a chicken.  He loved it, and played with it all the way home... until it unfortunately broke.  This of course upset him, but he did get over it.  I kept thinking it would be awfully easy to get him another one- and I felt so sad for him- I don't even think he was abusing it. He'd said he was cleaning the chicken's teeth before it broke.  It was adorable... and it was sort of  reward for dealing with the dentist.  But that kids are supposed to learn how to deal with disappointment.  I stuck the broken glove on a gourd for him- on of the intact fingers fit over the top nicely and I tied some of the other fingers together., so I think that helped him feel like all wasn't lost.

Anyway, I'm really happy the whole dentist thing is over for a while.

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