Friday, September 16, 2011

Time Banks

OK, I read another article (below) and thought- how cool is that?

Published: September 15, 2011
In this time of high unemployment, time banks, which let people exchange skills and services, are more valuable than ever.
Maybe we could set one up here, in addition to a toy library at the science play space I want to create.  Its not completely a new idea (equivalent time for different types of work) for me, but its a new way of carrying it out- and much simpler than Ithaca-hours.  Ithaca-hours are quite similar in that each hour (equivalent to $10- at least when I left) represents and hour of work. All types of work are equivalent, and represented by and Ithaca-hour- an actual form of legal currency  with an exchange rate.  Most businesses in Ithaca will only accept a certain percentage of their price in them, and not all accept it.  

The time bank is a much simpler system- ie no currency, no exchange with real money, so it seems MUCH easier to set up.  I was trying to think about the Ithaca hours system when figuring out how much time a membership to a science play space should cost.  Perhaps a time bank system could be incorporated into the scheme.... thus making it incomprehensible to to people who are not used to such thing.  Still I could see some people having skills that would be really useful to the space, or having a lot of time, while others might have other skills- or things they would rather be doing with their volunteer time.  So like, if you'd rather volunteer for something else, but someone else would rather work at the space, they could exchange.

I just love a new idea.

About my little star:  well he said he didn't want to wear a diaper at night, so I let him try it.  I put him in a bunch of clothing because it was quite cold last night- the first time its dropped below 40F this year, and had him wear his wearable fleece blanket.  So despite being soaking wet in the morning, he managed to sleep all night and not get his bed wet.  Still... I think he's not ready to give up diapers at night yet.
He's barely ready in the day- still not telling me when to go, still having lot of accidents, and still resistant at times.

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