Monday, September 19, 2011

New shoes

I got new shoes today!!  You are wondering why I am so excited.  Its a been a long time since I bought shoes (not counting the shoes my mother in law got me for the wedding)... at least six years-I know I bought some in Maryland when we used to live there.
I attempted to buy some in CA, but I couldn't quite find the replacement for the shoes I love that I used for everything- walking, lifting weights, slipping on... well, their main limitation was not being warm, and not being suitable for running... or heavy hiking.  So I really couldn't find the shoes meant for EVERYTHING except snow, allow for orthotics and still slip on your feet.  However, I was pleased to find hiking/sneaker shoes, so they should be good for most things even if they don't slip on.  I think they actually FIT me with orthotics... they might need to be broken in a little.  And they were cheap- NOT, I was just kidding, but seriously I don't expect good shoes to be cheap... I'd probably be suspicious if they were.  However, I did find a local shoe store, that I didn't know existed- its only been here for two years.  It had Clarks (used to be a great shoe... but it used to be made in England), and Merrills- a brand I've had good luck with. Well you know how often I buy myself shoes!  Maybe I can even by my son some shoes at that store.

I just bought him some new shoes online, but I have a feeling this might be the last time I can do that.  This is the first time ever he WORE out the shoes before he grew out of them- the inside was falling apart, though the soles were only worn thin in a few strange places.  I think he has weird feet based on the strange way he wore them out.  They were not cheap shoes (though in looking for replacement I was surprised to find they were not the most expensive shoes either- I had thought I was buying him really expensive shoes and that perhaps that was kind of stupid) The brand I usually buy him (buying the same brand assures me that the next size will fit him and that I like the style) seems to be either going out of business, or if we are lucky, being taken over by the parent company (basically the same shoes, just smaller).  In any case I seem to have bought the only size 11 shoes made by either company last week.  I just wish they'd offer brighter colors for the boys.

I still like the styles they offered better than any competitor.  Velcro fastening (excuse me "hook and loop"), relatively flat- so it won't hit any arches in a funny way, good soles, leather- so it was water resistant.  I figure if I take my little star shoe shopping, not only won't he really know if they fit right, but he certainly won't be able to tell me.  And he probably won't want high quality shoes- like most kids, he'll certainly go on pretty appearance rather than how well it fits, price, how long it will last... How could a preschooler have a clue on these things?

And the rest of the day... I went to the gym, bought groceries, and went to the library to arrange a meeting room, and get some books for my little star.  A slow day with accomplishements.

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