Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Apple picking

We went apple picking today... sort of.  Its a bit nostalgic for me- I haven't ben apple picking since I worked at a research orchard almost a decade ago.  Anyway, this wasn't quite like that.  One of the moms owns a farm with apple trees lining the long drive up to the barn.  The farm was only about three miles away, so that was nice too.  The trees are old style trees, so the apples are high- which is a bit of a challenge without picking ladders.  She had some really tall ladders, but they were very hard to maneuver into the trees.  Still, we got some apples picked.

The apples will be good for applesauce- though I was very impressed with the kids who showed no qualms in eating quite blemished apples.  The most blemished and small we threw to the horses who's pasture bordered the apple trees.  The kids just needed to put them over the fence.  My little star loved watching the horses eat the apples.

The mom gave all the kids who wanted them pony rides, but my little star didn't want to.  I was only slightly surprised.  I figured now that he liked the carousel he'd be ready for a little pony, but perhaps he needs to watch people riding for a few years first.  I was a bit disappointed because how many times do you get to do your own personal pony riding without paying or waiting in a very long line?

Anyway, it was a pleasant morning, hanging out, picking a few apples, watching really cute kids and horses.  And did I mention, it was a fall day- sort of damp, but the rain was over, and it was not very cold.

Typing seems to be really bothering my tendonitus, so that's all for today.

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